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Splash BlastRental
Highly Portable Soaking Centerpiece

Starting at $400

Why you'd choose this option

The Splash Blast is a true 'Dunk Tank Alternative'.

Many risk management groups will not allow standing water or pools at their events in order to eliminate the risks of drowning.

If this sounds familiar, Splash Blast is the best replacement option to renting a Dunk Tank.

Plus it's cool.

Splash Blast Rental
Splash Blast Rental

How this thing works

The victim sits on the hot seat inside the Plexiglas contained unit.

Participants are given balls to throw at the target on the splash blast.

Hitting the target activates the electronic sensor and releases the fury of compressed air into a water filled pipe.

The water is forced at a high velocity towards the now wet victim.

You were probably wondering about this.

The splash blast pricing is based around a 4 hour rental.

It is collapsible and can be rolled to just about any location.

Setup takes approximately 15 minutes and doesn't require filling any sort of tub.

This thing gets everything around it wet, so you will probably want to set it up outside.


  • Requires (1) water source within 75 feet.
  • Requires (1) 115V/20Amp outlet within 75 feet.
  • 6' x 6' space required plus an area in front of the unit for throwing.
  • The premier Dunk Tank Alternative!

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